Mac thunderbolt to vga not working

I guess we need to ask Also, most modern monitors no longer include a VGA input.

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So, i prefere to use hdmi-hdmi on it and buy a thunder-vga or dvi-d for the oldest monitor. By fleurya in forum Apple Desktops. Mini Dvi to Vga Adapter not working? By Aquariusjp3 in forum Other Hardware and Peripherals. Start a Discussion. All times are GMT To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on getting my classroom's I'm student teaching SMART board connected to my macbook pro 13 in. Today I try the setup and although the SMART board recognizes my macbook via usb, the projector does not display anything.

System preferences does not even recognize the projector as an external monitor. Official work from SMART technologies is there is no supported adapters for connecting a macbook to a SB but I have seen numerous threads about this setup working and like I said it was previously working fine.

Any suggestions on what to try next? I was thinking of dual booting to an older version of OS X.

Mini Displayport to VGA not working anymore

Posted on Feb 6, Feb 6, 7: What might be worth trying is adjusting the resolution on your Mac before you connect it to the projector. Lower it to, say, x , then hook everything up. Another thing to check is to see if the Mac is detecting the projector. I believe it should show up if you follow the steps below:. Feb 7, 7: If your laptop is not connected to power i.

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It is not uncommon for a laptop to send the VGA signal out with less power when it is on battery power. I've seen this fix this problem, at least, dozens of times.

Apple issues Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter Firmware Update

If these fail, get your campus AV or IT people involved. We have often found that a damaged cable or long run needing amplification will work with some computers but not with others. It could be that the cable running from the smart board is somewhat sketchy.

Also, have you attempted to connect your macbook to any other display since starting to have the issue? A bad dongle dp to vga adapter isn't rare. I have a bad one sitting on my desk at this very moment.

Page content loaded. Feb 6, 6: Bumping is allowed Is there a PC laptop that can be hooked up to the projector, just to make sure the projector itself is OK?

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Genuine Apple units are more reliable but more expensive. We've many cheap 3rd-party units around our campus, and we've had many fail after a few months, giving the same symptoms as you describe. Assuming you've checked the VGA cable is securely connected the other tests you can try are as follows Hook the display up to a Windows laptop if you can.

Even relatively modern ones have a VGA connection. This will let you test the cable and display function. If they both check out then you need to either try the adapter on a different Mac, or create an OS X installation on an external disk to make sure it's not your OS X install that's having issues.

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Having said that, it sounds like your Mac is correctly identifying and communicating with the adapter as you've already stated it thinks a monitor is connected. A quick look for your model didn't bring up any obvious results but many Samsung's have a DVI connection.

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  8. The problem that you are facing is simple to fix. After installation restart the system, then connect your thunderbolt to VGA connector.

    It will work perfectly fine. Same issue I have a SyncMaster bw plus.