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Here are the steps. If the issue of missing level desktop gold icon is frequent, you can save the AOL desktop gold icon in dock option to prevent it from further disappearance. Alternatively you can also try drag the AOL icon to Dock. For this follow the steps.

How To Uninstall The AOL Toolbar From IE & FireFox

If your AOL desktop gold icon missing issue is not fixed then you may need to follow the advance troubleshooting steps. If the basic troubleshooting steps for missing AOL desktop gold are not working for you than you have to try the advanced steps given below.

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Just make sure your windows system met the requirements set by American online. Sometimes if your icon keeps on missing frequently, it indicates that the icon has a broken link. To restore AOL desktop gold missing icon, you need to remove the broken threads and create shortcut freshly. To do so follow the steps:. If this problem is pretty frequent and you get more than 4 missing or broken icons then you may need to disable your system maintenance.

How to Create a Shortcut Icon on a Mac : Apple Software & Mac Tips

A note of caution is that during system maintenance, the system will turn off all maintenance action the PC performs in the back-end of the system. Thus it should come as one of the last resort to restore missing AOL desktop gold icon or shortcut. However, in case it is the last option here are the steps to disable system maintenance:. As, the heading says- Task scheduler removes broken shortcuts from the home screen! However, it is too sensitive and can remove any icon like AOL gold, even with slight issue. Your desktops task scheduler is a function which works on deleting the broken files and threads from the system.

The task scheduler can be a reason for your missing desktop gold icon as because it keeps on deleting your AOL Desktop icon. The steps to disable task scheduler are:. Another effective way to restore disappeared AOL desktop gold icon is to 1st uninstall the software and than Fresh Install the AOL desktop gold software. Before beginning make sure that you have deleted all broken or corrupted AOL desktop gold install files.

Now restart your device and your desktop icon should be back. In case your system is overloaded with a number of shortcuts and installed filesit can lead to disappearance of your AOL gold icon. So to fix the issue:. Now reboot the system again and you will see your missing aol desktop icon then if not troubleshoot AOL gold software via below given steps. Sometimes the reason for which AOL Desktop Gold got disappeared is the system tray or that task bar near it. For fixing the system tray or system clock issue follow the steps.

With this shortcut, your desktop gold icon should be restored. You can also restart your system to save the changes and launch AOL desktop gold. Other than these advanced troubleshooting tips, there are certain miscellaneous tips you can follow to avoid missing of desktop gold icon or broken shortcut links.

AOL Desktop for Mac - iClarified

Make sure that not only during downloading, but while you are using your system, it is complied with the minimum system requirements of AOL gold. The requirements are:. If your system complies with all the basic demands and none of the troubleshooting hacks work, then contact desktop gold experts for further troubleshooting guidance.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do you really want to know- how to restore lost AOL desktop Gold icon on desktop? Device features like System Maintenance and Task scheduler are activated, which removes all broken shortcuts from home screen including AOL.

Your PC has corrupt Icon. What you must do before discovering AOL Gold shortcut logo on desktop? Want to know-from where you shall start the troubleshooting of missing AOL icon? Scan your device to remove any intruder like Trojan horse, worms, or virus- as they can also abduct AOL desktop gold icon.

Move all shortcut icons to some folder temporarily as, keeping them on home screen can create broken links. If shortcut of all other software or programs works fine then: Right-click on an empty area of home screen. Choose the View option from pulled-down menu.

Refresh your desktop screen and try finding lost AOL gold icon. Here are the common issues and their probable solutions: First thing First check if you have latest version of gold software if not download AOL desktop gold latest version.

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Please check your windows update setting and make sure your Windows PC is up to date, if not click here to update. Do make sure if your computer meat system requirement standards set by american online. Go to system primary drive and drag the AOL desktop Gold symbol onto home screen. In case, you have trouble creating AOL gold logo on desktop, tap on cone-like shape in system tray. And, try to find the lost AOL gold icon on list. If Desktop gold logo appear on system tray list, right-click on the symbol to choose Create Shortcut option.

For AOL gold icon absent from desktop, open registry window and clear Icon.

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Still AOL Gold icon not visible on desktop? Here are some more tech fixes for you! For now, here are the solutions to restore disappeared Desktop gold icon: 1. Right click on the your windows desktop screen and click on the view option from the sub menu. In case you find option is unchecked, click on it to select Now refresh the system by clicking on the refresh button from sub menu or you can press F5.

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Your missing AOL desktop gold icon must now appear on your desktop, if not do restart your system. Here are the steps In case your system is not having any PC scanner tool , open the web and download any tool from reliable sources. Once downloaded and installed, double click on the icon and run the anti-virus scan Always remember to click on whole system scan before the procedure starts on the prompt screen. Once the scan is successfully finished, you will get a list of all potential malware and effected programs. Now select those potential malware and right click on them and hit the delete button you may select auto deletion too.

Repeat the same steps for all the potential malware and click of repair effected programs by scanner tool.

Once you have deleted all the potential threats to the system, you will get a message on the screen with status deleted. Now restart your system to restore the AOL desktop gold missing icon. Offering a dashboard for e-mail, IM and web browsing, AOL Desktop more or less is a modernized version of their old-school, all-encompassing software. Many aspects of the software do indeed seem to have joined the 21st century party: the e-mail application can send and receive from multiple accounts, including. Mac and Gmail, and the browser does tabs.

The suite feels really snappy on a MacBook Pro, fulfilling its promise of quick startup times and overall speed. With all this good stuff going for it, however, AOL Desktop is still haunted by some ghosts from the past. The toolbar along the top is certainly a useful springboard to the app's various services, but it's a very dated design that you won't see in just about any other modern Mac OS X app, save for Quicken hint hint, Intuit. Quirks are also abound, and while it is still just a beta, we would at least like to be able to, say, right-click on links in a webpage.