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If your current Mac operating system setup is working just fine for you, there is likely little rush to update right now. Are you going to install MacOS Catalina right away, or are you holding off for now? Are you already running macOS Catalina? What do you think of the new operating system? Let us know in the comments below. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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Stopped at Mojave after the totally wrecked Preview app Took me awhile to get it done but reloaded old preview 9 back in. That was my main reason for leaving windows. So easy to pull and push docs etc.

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Catalina will be more of the same with no 32bility. That way 80 or 90 percent of the bugs would be fixed. And then come out with. Just my opinion though. Give LibreOffice a try. It will open and save in MS. Nothing excites for now about upgrading. Look at this mess on first run! It looks like the type of stuff we Mac users used to joke about Windows for!

So OS X After a reboot, repeated kernel panics this is after Catalina fully installed and rebooted for user login.

Built for compatibility.

Boot drive and the splitting into an encrypted OS bootdrive and an encrypted data drive component are causing problems for Disk Utilities and diagnosis of issues. Some apps that were apparently fine in the betas from users, not necessarily the devs , are not thank you to developer emails not Catalina compatible ie. Hazel for one. The issues above are cause for no-go on Catalina until it has been solved fully.

I installed Catalina on my new IMac — in about 40 minutes — my iMac took well over 5 hours!!!!! I think that these changes are mainly to make money for the industry. I still find rare ly used apps are incompatible with Mojave, I seem to spend much of my computer time backing up and upgrading apps,. I see this every year.

Go back to Windows. Rebooted in recovery mode and chose Reinstall macOS. Worked with no problems and took about an hour. I need those 21 but apps! I will hold off because my decades of experience as a user, and even more so as a developer, have taught me to always wait for the.

Waiting for the foreseeable future, as too many apps are still 32 bit, including the Microsoft Office suite, my AV software, and tons of other applications. BTW, thanks for including this warning in the posting, and I would suggest moving it up higher in the article.

What a fiddle as I bought the MS suite for Mac and now they want to barge me for using it? A right swindle and not happy. Are Apple in collusion with Microsoft???

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  • Had to shut down and restart. Okay afterward. I am going to hold off for now. I use MS word a lot and Excel frequently, and I regularly get a dialog box warning me that those applications are not supported. Can you tell me if the situation will worsen? I click Continue, I enter the correct Password and few seconds later, I see again the 1 circled in red on the right corner of System Preferences.

    No way, Apple is doing things to chase people away. It hit broke but they want to fix it. Microsoft Excel for Mac is the latest version of the most popular spreadsheet application in the world, now with the added bonus of much better OS X integration. Microsoft Excel is part of Microsoft Office and has been given a through revamp since Office including a slicker OS X style interface, lots of new templates and new sharing options.


    It's also now part of Office which integrates Microsoft Office with the Cloud. The biggest innovation has been the introduction of the Ribbon to Microsoft Excel which makes navigating and editing your documents much easier and brings it into line with the Windows version. Spotlight is also now supported to make searching documents much easier on your Mac. All the old features are there including the advanced filtering and analyzing of data plus a few more useful analyzing options that make Excel such a powerful tool.

    Microsoft Office for Mac Service Pack 2 (Mac) - Download

    You'll also notice that the new Excel is much lighter on resources than previous releases - it leaves hardly any footprint on your CPU resources. Finally, sharing and collaborating on documents has been made much easier thanks to integration with SkyDrive and SharePoint. Note however that at the moment, Microsoft Excel is only available in a bit version.

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    • Microsoft Excel is a much improved version of the famous spreadsheet tool that takes full advantage of OS X. Lay out your data Organize your numeric or text data in spreadsheets or workbooks. Viewing it in context helps you make more informed decisions. Reformat and rearrange it As you look at different configurations, Excel learns and recognizes your pattern and auto-completes the remaining data for you.

      No formulas or macros required.

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      The Tell Me search feature guides you to the feature commands you need to get the results you are looking for. Who uses WordMat? It is however very versatile and is also used by primary schools and higher education schools and universities. About Is WordMat really free? WordMat is open source, but where is the source code?

      WordMat is comprised of the following code — VBA embedded in the wordmat. Can be found on GitHub. How about Mac-computers? WordMat support Office and for Mac. Support for the version 1. There are some minor differences between the Windows and Mac version.

      Installing the Statistics Toolpak (Data Analysis Toolpak) in Excel 2016 for Mac

      Where do I get more information? Read the Manual, which can be accessed from the help-menu, once installed. Which versions of Office are supported? You can use Office , , , , o but not earlier versions. WordMat does not work with Word online or mobile versions. Support for Office has ended.

      The last version to support Office is v. I think I found a new bug. How do I report the bug?