Mac pro graphics card fail

Apple to repair faulty Mac Pro graphics cards

I'm well familiar with the slow and painful graphics card death that can plague Macs, and I'm wondering- What's the best to diagnose whether that's truly the issue? The details: 15" Macbook Pro, 2. Has suffered cosmetic damage from a drop in the past, but has shown no symptoms of any internal damage until now. I'm quite diligent with backups, so that's all squared away. The machine was issued my my company's IT dept, so I'm not cost-liable, but I want to be able to go to them fairly certain of the problem to minimize time lost at work.

Thanks much! Did you try running the hardware test cd that came with the computer? See what come up when you do that. I was having problems in January similar to the ones you are describing and then finally it wouldn't start up past the spinning circle thingy. The results of the hardware test said that there was an error concerning a video controller.

I took it 17" Macbook Pro, 2. Yay for anyone who may have an affected MacPro and NOT suffered symptoms to date, who can get a free repair Boo for all the poor people out there with this machine, who have had an incredibly expensive paperweight sitting on their desk for 12 months! Apple's recall policies are greedy and anti-customer.

For the vast majority of product in the field, thanks to iCloud, Apple know the email address of every potentially affected device's user.

Yet instead of contacting owners directly, Apple has non-publicized secret warranties and PR releases, or a hyperlink on the bottom of the homepage, if it's a safety issue. Such behavior can only be explained by the desire to minimize the cost of fixing non conforming product I.

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Quality defects at the expense of customer safety, satisfaction and goodwill. For those of us that love Apple and hold it to the standards it claims to have set for itself, it is necessary to call the company out for not only not "doing the right thing", but being hypocritical in its approach to quality and safety remediation.

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Tim and last month, the company like to reference Dr King's persistent question quote to promote the social side of the business. That's all fine and good, but my persistent question on the business side of the company is "is Apple doing enough to protect customers, their satisfaction, and the brand's reputation? MacBook Pro Fall ?

Possible high-end inch model. See Full Product Calendar. More Blog Stories U. Apple today announced that its partnership with the U. Department of Veterans Affairs VA to roll out access to the Health Records feature for iPhone has launched, with veterans who receive care Twitter has pushed out a point release for its official iPhone and iPad app after numerous reports of buggy auto-refresh behavior began appearing on social media. A number of users who updated Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming watchOS 6. Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming tvOS Designed for the fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV models, the Mophie has begun a major new sale on Juice Pack Air cases for older models of the iPhone.

Apex Clean Energy today announced that Apple is leading a group of companies that has committed to purchase approximately 75 megawatts of energy from an upcoming wind farm in Texas. Sprint, eBay, and Amazon's latest Gold Box deal today is offering up to 48 percent off of select Anker accessories, including portable batteries, wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and more. We've rounded Advertise on MacRumors. I do miss the larger screen, but the new MacBook Pro is dope.

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Yes, I would certainly prefer the retinas over the unibody quality wise. Though, this is a great option for people who just don't want to give up their machine! Holy shit. I have one of these and im officially spooked. Thanks for the heads up i had no idea!

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I am sooooooooo excited to try this on my paperweight! I really really missed having a Mac! Now I will have the entire ecosystem except for HomePod.

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Mine died out about 9 months ago due to this issue. Ended up finding a way to get Ubuntu working using only the integrated graphics, been working great since.

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I tried running macOS using this method but it just didn't seem as fluid without the dedicated gpu, couldn't quite put my finger on it. At least it's not a paper weight anymore and has some use. Yeah it probably won't be crazy stunning as it was before, but at least you got a dual boot functioning machine again! Lucky, I went last year and they refused to fix it. They said it's past the five years and they don't cover it and I would have to go to a third party.

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