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The easiest wsy I think. Spread with thumb and three fingers. The above shortcuts, trackpad gestures and hot corners do not work if you have an application open in full screen mode.

How to Hide or Remove Icons from Your Mac Desktop: 4 Methods Explained

It only works if you have partial windows covering the desktop. Swipe gesture is the easiest by far, but a bit hard to master. Spread with thumb and three fingers as other people already said. Enabled by default on High Sierra at least, not sure if you have to enable on older versions. Thank you!

These are nice. But I wonder — is it possible to hide all windows but the one that is active? This only works once.


Do we have any alternative in such conditions? I hit cmd-opt and 1 or cmd-opt and 2, and MacOS rearranges everything on my desktop. How to turn this off????? Name required.

How do you create a hotkey for 'Clean up'? - Apple Community

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However, I do have to deal with the messed up display quite often. Many a time, I save files on the desktop to find them a bit more conveniently. And if I forget to clean them up in time, they pile up to clutter the entire screen. But when that happens, I run to some of the easy-to-use tricks to hide or remove icons from the Mac desktop to get rid of the mess immediately.

Are you on the same page as me and looking for more effective ways to deal with the untidy desktop?

Arranging Icons on the Mac Desktop

Well, these hacks have proved to be enormously useful for me. So, why not give them a try straight away! First off, we are going to try out this simple way that has existed on the macOS for long. Step 2. Click on Finder menu at the top left corner and then click Preferences. Step 5. All these items will be immediately hidden.

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Later, if you want to show them, follow the same steps and then check the box next to the thing that you want to show on the screen again. Another trick that I often use to remove the files from the macOS desktop instantly is the Terminal command.

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Step 1. Launch Terminal app on your Mac.

Organize Desktop Icons Using Built-In Settings

Simply search it in the Spotlight and open it. Step 4.

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Next up, hit the enter key. First off, download HiddenMe on your computer and launch it. Now, check out a circle icon in the menu bar. Click on it and then select Hide Desktop Icons.

Now, all the files will go away from the screen. If you want to bring them back, click on the circle icon and then select Show Desktop Icons.

And I think you probably already know about it. Alternately, you can drag the unwanted icons to Trash to remove them.