Bill tracking app for mac

Quickly see all your bills, with the due dates, amounts and the option to mark them paid.

Includes macOS Notifications for overdue and upcoming bills. Never miss another bill payment! View your payment history or double-check when you paid a bill. Add a handy note ex: online payment or reference number or export them as a CSV file.

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A handy menubar icon gives a quick list of the bills divided by Overdue, Upcoming and Future. It also provides a way to show the main window, preferences and more.

Bills, payments and notes are all synced with iCloud or Dropbox so they are always available on all your Macs. Add an unlimited number of bills while choosing the name, amount, date due, frequency, currency and notes. Frequency can be anything from once to annually and everything in-between. It works quite well for that. My main annoyance is the iPad app remembers my account and person but I have to enter it every time when I use the Mac version. The reports could use more flexibility and sophistication. This is a great app it helps me keep my money organized, know how much I have and where it is and how I have spent it.

I can look at graphs to check how I am spending my money and see all my transactions for the month. One down side is you cannot preview in the app the way you have spent over the past year, I think it's a big downside, however I hope they can make this change to improve the program. When you can see where your spending your money then you can also see where you need to make changes or when to transfer money to other accounts.

One more down side is you can only work with one currency, so if you travel and use multiple currencies, you wouldn't be able to record that money, I hope they can also work on making a multi curreny accounts. I also think it would be nice for them to add more icon options for categories.

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Overall, it is a very nice program. They just need to work on a few things but is worth it. Mac App Store Preview.

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Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description MoneyControl — the highly successful budget-book app for iPhone and iPad is now available for the Mac! Feb 21, Version 2. Size 4. Category Finance.

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Compatibility OS X The app also will notify you about potential problems to help you avoid leaving digital clues about yourself for others to pick up. A free version of Dashlane offers many features and might be enough for some users.

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So if your identity ends up compromised, at least you know right away and can deal with it. Cult of Mac. Pebbled leather iPhone case offers stylish protection with a vintage vibe [Review]. How to give away your old AirPods.

What are the best bill reminder apps?

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