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Oct 27th , GMT. Vendor: Terratec.

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World's most popular driver download. Jul 28, Install this update to resolve an issue in Windows-based systems equipped with HD audio devices that prevents the HD Audio devices from.

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Drivers TerraTec G3 2. Descargas: The version of the Driver.

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Terratec Aureon 7. HP G3 laptop drivers.

DOS Games Part-4 on 'TERRATEC EWS64 XL (recorded on real hardware)

Download drivers for HP G3 laptops for free. Download drivers for Terratec G3. Download Terratec G3 Drivers v. Step 1 Windows Windows logos are property of Microsoft. It seems as though every audio card manufacturer is keen to promote high sample-rate audio formats.

Like many audio card manufacturers, Terratec have been keen to introduce higher sample rates into their product range.

Terratec PHASE 88 Driver

I reviewed both under Windows. It is also true that many home or project studio owners and SOS reviewers! For many such users bit or bit, So how do the Phase 28 and Phase 26 USB stand up in a soundcard arena awash with bit, high sample rate-capable audio devices?

Terratec PHASE 88 RACK FireWire Driver & Control Panel

Installation of the Phase 28 proved straightforward. Once it was mounted in an empty PCI slot, the cable bundle was attached to the 'D' connector on the card's backplate. This needs to be done fairly securely as, while the breakout cables are quite short, their number means there is a considerable weight involved.

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On rebooting under both Windows XP and 98SE, I was prompted for the driver installation, which proceeded without a hitch. In addition to the 'D' connector, the backplate of the card also features gain controls for the two analogue inputs. After experimenting with these, I was left wondering a little about the wisdom of their inclusion. Aside from a comment to the effect that they can be used to accommodate a wide range of input signal levels, the manual offers very little in the way of advice as to how the hardware gain and software gain in the Control Panel described below interact.

Also, since they will be located on the back of the computer, most users are going to want to 'set and forget' rather than make regular adjustments by scrambling about in the spaghetti that usually resides behind a computer within a studio environment. The upper portion is dominated by a range of faders and buttons that control the levels and so on for the various analogue ins and outs.

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For each of the output pairs, this includes a drop-down menu to choose between Wave, Analog In or Digital In as the playback source. The Analog In or Digital In settings could be used for direct monitoring of incoming audio via a second stereo output if your audio sequencer does not support direct monitoring or only does so with a significant latency. The Phase 28 Control Panel. The lower portion of the Control Panel provides clock, digital output and audio input sources to be selected.

With one minor quirk, testing the Phase 28 within Cubase SX was unproblematic. Both bit and bit recording functioned as expected and, as well as stereo projects, 5. I was comfortably able to get down to a buffer size of samples 2.

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This is only a minor irritation and, to be fair, it is clearly stated within the manual — it is also something that is found in products from some other audio card manufacturers. Testing with other applications proved equally straightforward. I was able to get down to the same 3ms latency using Reason with no obvious audio glitching even in a fairly busy mix. Acid Pro also performed well, both in stereo and surround projects. SOS reviewers have commented on problems with Terratec documentation on previous occasions and I must say that the Phase 28 manual is not the most helpful document I've ever seen supplied with a 'professional' audio product.

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Novice users, in particular, might find themselves floundering. Testing their audio performance within the Phase 28 using the loopback test in Rightmark's Audio Analyser 5. The noise level was dBA, total harmonic distortion measured 0. Given these encouraging results, I was expecting to see similarly good figures for bit recording but, try as I might, I could not get the Phase 28 to function in bit mode with RMAA at any sample rate. This said, tests using Wavelab and Cubase SX proved that bit recording was perfectly possible and experimentation in Wavelab showed that for bit, Subjective listening tests with a variety of sources at different bit depths and sample rates suggested that the playback quality of the Phase 28 was perfectly respectable.

Reproduction was clear and detailed and the stereo imaging appeared to be good. While there was a subtle, but noticeable, improvement in going from to bit at