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To avoid trouble with timezones, we will use UTC time instead. Which means, you can just enter it exactly like this:. Enter the command and hit return. You can then check if it was set correctly by running the first command again.

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If the date was wrong, it was likely that which caused the error, and after you quit the terminal it should be able to install OS X just fine. Buying a Tesla? Get free supercharging. Plenty of people today still have their reservation about buying an electric car. So, after having driven exclusively electric for the last two years, why is it that I think Teslas are awesome and wouldn't even consider going back?

If you are using any photo management app at all, like iPhoto or the newer Photos app, then it is just a simple matter of changing the date inside the app. As for Photos, why do you prefer not to use it? But why not Photos? I was ready to move up to Aperture just when it went away. Except for this pesky file metadata management thing.

Where Attachments Opened From Mac OS X Mail Are Stored

Jerry: OK. I understand. The idea that I used to have to go home and sit in front of my desktop computer to see my photos, where now I can access them from my iPhone, iPad or MacBook anywhere I am, anytime. This is an amazing time. Gary — Thank you for considering my question.

You won't just be able to install Mojave over Catalina, we will walk you through the steps you need to take below. However, it is possible to switch back. It is possible that you may have to follow these instructions in downgrading if you have installed Mojave on a Fusion drive or hard drive and want to revert to High Sierra or earlier. Most of these are due to changes in file formats and settings between versions of the OS. So, for example, if you create a document or work on a file in a new version, whether it's a beta or full release, of macOS and then try and open it in an older version, it may not work.

How to downgrade macOS from Catalina or Mojave to an older version

To mitigate this, it's wise to export any documents you've created or worked on in the newer OS in a standard file format. That way, if the native files don't survive the reverse upgrade, you'll be able to re-import the RTF files. Whenever you perform a clean install of macOS, which is what you're doing here, it's a good idea to take screenshots of any custom settings you've created in apps or in System Preferences. That makes it easier to re-create them later. You should also make a note of user account and password details for anything you've set up while running the new version of the OS.

If you don't use iCloud or Chrome to synchronise bookmarks, it's a good idea to export those and make a copy.

How To Downgrade MacOS From Catalina Or Mojave To An Older Version - Macworld UK

And unless you're using the migrate data option outlined above, you'll also need installers and licence codes for apps you use. If those are downloads from the Mac App Store, you can just re-download them from the Purchased section in the App Store. If not, make sure you can download them from the vendor's website.

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If you don't use a password manager to store licence codes, make sure you've got a copy of them before you start. If you use Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or any other form of cloud storage, make sure your data is in sync before you start the process of reversing an upgrade.

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It's easy to forget that the files that live in your Dropbox folder, or example, are local files and that while synchronisation is frequent, the loss of an internet connection will prevent it and you could have files in your local folder that haven't yet been copied to the cloud. Clicking on the cloud service's logo in your menu bar should tell you whether synchronisation completed successfully and files are up to date.


If you use Gmail, iCloud mail or any other IMAP server for your email, make sure it's up to date and any drafts you've composed recently have been synchronised. If you use a POP3 account you'll have to manually back up the mail database and restore it after you reverse the upgrade. Or, if you only have a few messages you need to keep, forward them to a Gmail account - you could set one up especially for that purpose. All Rights Reserved.