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These buttons can be placed on Safari's main toolbar but do not appear by default. You must modify your browser settings to make these buttons available.

How to Make Web Pages in Safari for Mac Easier to Read

A pop-up window appears containing several action buttons that can be added to Safari's toolbar. Two new buttons are displayed on the Safari toolbar. One is labeled with a small "A.

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  6. The other is labeled with a bigger "A. Macs with a trackpad have additional ways you can change the size of web pages. Using gestures, you can place two fingers together on the trackpad and then spread them apart to enlarge the size of a Safari webpage.

    Pulling the two fingers back together reduces the size of the webpage. Also, a double-tap with two fingers on the trackpad zooms in closely on a section of the web page. A second double-tap returns the page to normal size.


    Note: You will need to repeat these steps to change the text size for each of the other view options shown above. Skip to main content Skip to footer menu. When using this scaled resolution, some applications may not fit entirely on screen. To make text on-screen bigger change your resolution to a value lower than the current setting.

    Operating System

    Changing the font size for file and folder names This section explains the ways you can change both the text and icon size for all files and folders including those on the desktop on your Mac.