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Things get too similar to The Amazing World of Gumball with the quality The animation is pretty solid, but yeah, it's original and fascinating. Still, there's at least strokes on the backgrounds and character designs, so I guess it's not all similar to Samurai Jack. Anyways, I like the color schemes because the animators made them look like they're the same color but with a different shade, making the quality cooler.

And then we got the character designs, which are absolutely creative, fitting for the cartoon itself, and of course since you know I'm going to say that word, imaginable. However, the designs can look ugly and confusing like for example, I can't tell what Wilt looks like if he's real, but thanks to some info, it appears he was made to have long legs. Peculiar designs, but I love them.

Sadly, the animation cannot save the fact that the audio is far worse. Especially the intolerable sound effects and some ear-rape induced voice acting, the sounds, the dialouge and voice acting are far away from the goods. Some of the voice acting is rather Oh yeah, annoying. Some voices make the characters sound a little female and one factor that faces Mac through the show is puberty, which makes him sound like he's a teenager that never grows up.

If he gets a job at the same height, it would be strange that he still looks like a kid, but since the show doesn't have that much continuity, it's forgivable, but off that Mac sounds like a high schooler from Seasons Puberty's the case, but of course, the worst thing about the audio are screaming and some of the most irritating sound effects in real life that tries to shove a knife into my ear.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends 2x07 Mac Daddy Part 01

Since screaming is found in all shows alike, I can still forgive it, but not this show for example. In some episodes, it all comes with NONSTOP screaming of characters voices in a higher pitch that sounds like hz in addition of some good jokes spoiled. Okay, I guess its not as bad as hz or higher, but they still drag on too long and make one episode intolerable to the max. Wow, I didn't expect the quality section to be bigger, but yeah, Very good animation, but spoiled by its opposite, the audio.

Kind of like the writing where there's good aspects but the bad overtakes the good. The characters don't help either. Okay, again with The Amazing World of Gumball similarities, the characters are awful. I mean, there are a few characters I like because they have fantastic development, a good amount of honesty and friendship or felt likable for its originality, but the only thing good about the awful characters are their development.

Here's a quote because I do have the same opinion as Jaylop's: He would start whinning or start becoming a worse character as the show went on. He become much more selfish and irritating much later in the series and his friendship with Mac was really getting ugly with Mac usually being a victim of whatever he had instores. You see that?

One of the main characters are actually damned characters who feel like he doesn't really care that much about anyone! From what he said about Bloo and Mac's friendship, oh, I began to realized that Bloo is ungrateful to anyone the later seasons and since I forgot to mention this in the writing, there's a lot of episodes that forgets the friendship between Mac and Bloo. Mac remain friends with Bloo throughout the series because he's his "imaginary friend ", but it turns out that Bloo is taking advantage of him, but the horrible execution steps in and he remains loyal to Bloo for no reason!

I guess they used that for unpredictability, but c'mon writers, you need to include that aspect where Mac unfriends and abandons Bloo at Foster's for adoption, but Mac doing nothing to Bloo after he got brutally humiliated by him makes the entire episode pointless! Again, there could've been an episode mostly focused on the duo, especially their friendship troubles, but no episode of that has been made! But in all seriousness, it's like a weaker mixed bag instead of an okay mixed bag like Dexter's Laboratory and of course, Gumball.

Now what I've just talked about Bloo, I'd say he isn't detestable because he was given some development in a few episodes, along with a cool but ugly design and yep, he's like the other imaginary friends at Foster's.

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Add a Comment: Load All Images. This show is 15 years old and bloo's the easiest cartoon character to draw despite him being selfish and silly at the same time. So let me get this straight.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Intrancity Featured By Owner Nov 17, Intrancity Featured By Owner Jul 23, I agree with you, because too many bad things happened to Mac in the show's run, and I feel very sorry for the poor kid! I hate Terrence for being so cruel to Mac! The episodes I hate the most are What is up with those stupid writers?!?

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  8. I've been hoping the writers received angry letters from fans complaining about the bad episode, and I also think the writers should be FIRED for writing the bad episodes! I've always wanted to make Mac's life better, and I think I would be a better story-writer than the people who wrote the bad episodes. I've also wanted Mac to have a new Dad who'll love and care for him.

    I wrote a fanfiction of Terrence being arrested for bullying and harassment, here's 2 parts of the story How Terrence Got Arrested Part 1 I thought I needed a fanfiction about how Terrence got arrested for bullying and harassment, and here it is! What are you Oh, right. I see. Not again! I will do my worst once again! Not that!

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    News Man: We interrupt this program with some breaking news! A year old teenage boy was arrested for bullying his little 8-year old brother and his imaginary friend. The year old teenage boy looks like this Some other things Terrence tried to do is that he tried to kill his little brother and the imaginary friend a few times before, and he was an awful bully for that! And that explains why Terrence was arrested.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (TV Series –) - IMDb

    Oh yeah! That jerk asked for it! Let's go over to the lady news reporter. Lady News Reporter: Chowder — Camp Lazlo! The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack — Johnny Bravo — The misadventures of a dumb blond egomanaic who is deluded about his own manliness. The Fairly OddParents — Danny Phantom — A year-old receives ghost powers and uses them to save the world.

    Edit Cast Series cast summary: Keith Ferguson Edit Storyline Eight-year-old Mac has outgrown his imaginary friend, says his mother, so he takes his buddy Bloo a walking, talking security blanket to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Plot Keywords: The best friends you can think of. Parents Guide: Edit Details Official Sites: Cartoon Network Cartoon Network [Germany]. Release Date: Also Known As: Filming Locations: Production Co: Edit Did You Know? Trivia This is the first Cartoon Network Studios show done in Macromedia Flash, enabling a small staff to produce an entire episode in-house.

    Quotes Mr. Trust me when I tell you that we did not order a dozen pizzas. Pizza Delivery Man: Here's your pizzas, man. I reiterate: We did not order any pizzas. And furthermore, I am not a man. I am a rabbit.

    Here's your pizzas, rabbit. Crazy Credits Most episodes have an extra sequence usually featuring a minor character shown in the episode during the end credits. This is not shown on Friday runs, however. Add the first question. User Reviews fantastic cartoon, highly recommended. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page.

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    Add episode. Olivia Colman of 'The Favourite': Clear your history. So, yet another attempt to get rid of Cheese unfolded, as Bloo first tried to mail Cheese far away in a large package…but a few days later, the same package returned with a bright note on the side that read "Return to sender: Insufficient postage to tolerate smell! I like ta play another game! Next, Bloo took Cheese to a bus stop, and planned to abandon him on the bus…but that didn't work either because the driver and the passengers immediately kicked him off.

    Bloo then tried to lose Cheese by strapping him to an ally dog, and then strapping a juicy steak to a little cat; the meat and the cat would then get the dog's attention and create a long chase, and it would take Cheese far away. But once again, this plan failed when the dog remembered the weird yellow object on his back, and quickly dropped him off with Bloo and Bella before going back to chasing the cat and the steak.

    Bloo then tried to leave him in a playground to be picked up by someone else, but the children just threw him out as well. Bloo also tried tying Cheese to a balloon and sending him afloat, but a police helicopter soon came back down with Cheese and popped the balloon. And the last plan was to put Cheese in toy store, so that a child would buy him, but every single child chose a different toy and Cheese was the only one remaining. After that, Bloo finally gave up hope and headed home that night, but Cheese was still very hyper.

    The next day, Bella and Bloo were watching TV together again when Mac arrived at three in the afternoon.

    But Mac noticed something was off, due to how quiet it was. But where's Cheese? I told you two to watch him! He can't be alone out there by himself! He may be alone, but he's locked up, and he hasn't moved since," Bloo pointed out. So, Bloo and Bella led Mac into the foyer, and Bloo was more confident than ever, "See, right where I left him, right over-. But was cut off when he noticed that all of the barricades he put up on the door under the stairs have been busted down, and Cheese was nowhere to be seen.