Cd icon on mac wont show

If the disc still doesn't eject, restart your computer and hold the track pad down while the computer boots on a MacBook, or hold the main mouse button down on models without a track pad. The System Management Controller performs many low-level functions that don't require user interaction. The fans, lights, power-related functions and several hardware-related problems often resolve by resetting the SMC.

Display Missing Finder Sidebar / Icons - Mac OS X Mavericks

On MacBooks without a removable battery, shut down the computer and plug the device into a power outlet. Hold down the left side "Shift-Control-Option" keys along with the power button at the same time. Release all of the keys. On a desktop Mac, shut down the computer, unplug the power cord and wait 15 seconds. After performing the reset, start your computer up to see if the disc issue resolves. Slot-loading optical drives can exist as external or internal drives. Make sure you place the drive on a flat surface and facing the correct direction.

How to Eject a CD That Doesn't Show Up on the Desktop on a Mac

The hub won't provide enough power to support the device. Try disconnecting the drive, rebooting the computer and then reconnecting the drive to see if the disc displays on the Desktop. As a professional writer, she has written for Education. Martin contributed English translations for a collection of Japanese poems by Misuzu Kaneko. She has worked as an educator in Japan, and she runs a private voice studio out of her home. She writes about education, music and travel.

Search Glass x. Rebooting Your System In the event that you can't eject a disc using keyboard commands, attempt to restart your computer. System Management Controller The System Management Controller performs many low-level functions that don't require user interaction. Slot-Loading Optical Drives Slot-loading optical drives can exist as external or internal drives.

Drive Icons Missing From Your Mac's Desktop?

I have tried to eject it using two methods No joy! I have been in Disk Utility and tried to use the Eject button I have also been into Terminal and typed in Eject I cannot understand why it won't eject. In the iMac the disc just slides in. It's not as if you have to push the disc at all to insert it. It just takes the disc in smoothly. I can hear the Eject noise, but nothing happens. I have only uploaded three of my cds to my iTunes library so far, as it is a new iMac Jan 25, Press and hold the Eject button on the wireless keyboard while shutting down the iMac.

Then restart the iMac.

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Jan 26, 1: I hear the Eject sound when I try number 3 above The disk I inserted was a Photo program called, Photosuite, which I was happy using on my previous computer, as it gave me more options than those offered in iPhoto. It seems to me as if this disk is not compatible with Apple.

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  • I tried it to see if it was going to work for me before I purchase a new program that will work on the iMac. Apple will come to you if you live within 50 miles of an Apple store for users who have desktop models that are under warranty. Jan 26, 3: I know it's very unorthodox but, after trying all of the suggestions I had to bite the bullet. I folded an A4 sheet of paper four times and made a ruler shape.

    Turn Desktop Drive Icons On and Customize Their Appearance

    Then I jiggled it in the slot May 11, 3: Already tried the various solutions offered, several times Cmd-O-F just once. Terminal only once. Toast Titanium doesn't see the CD.

    If a blank CD or DVD doesn't appear in the Finder

    May 12, 3: Or, it just could have died. I think this is going to require opening up the MPB to extract the CD blank and to see what's happened. Jul 13, This worked for me - I had a stuck disk on a macbook pro and was trying to burn some images from iphoto, but at the end of the burn it said burn failed and i could no longer find the disk on iphoto OR on my desktop.

    Came up with a weird grey screen and a little sign in the middle at first, and I kept trying to click on it. It eventually worked and allowed me to eject the disc. Worked straight away! Jul 13, 1: Problem solved— sort of. Sysytem profiler shows no optical drive. Dec 5, 2: I used your advice about opening the Disk Utility.

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    I should have looked this problem up before wasting time on my own. Thank you! Apr 12, 2: I had same issue as OP. Prior to trying the reboot with option key held down, I manually quit Safari and the discc popped out as soon as I hit command "Q". I got lucky, go figure. Nov 19, 1: MY CD doesn't show on the desktop and won't reject More Less.

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