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Make a window stay Always On Top in Windows 10/8/7

Most of the time, the technical aspects of my connection are pretty good — but sometimes they are so poor, that I have to leave Skype and go to another application. Overall, the system of organizing contacts is fairly efficient — but sometimes a bit challenging on non-computer devices to identify and classify contacts into an easy-to-find grouping.

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Got my account many years ago back when everything was on desktop PC and people on both ends of the call had to be pretty high tech wizards just to make and keep consistent connection. Over the years, I would use FaceTime or Webex or various other means to do most video calls, so Skype sat idle most of the time. A few months back, I ended up sending my phone through the washing machine, so as a temporary workaround I loaded Skype on my iPad so I could at least make outgoing calls without my cell phone. To my surprise, it actually is fairly capable in that mode.

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Making a Conference Call on Skype (Mac)

I am having a problem with the Search and Call Contacts window always staying in the front, no matter which other application is the active one. I can double click on the bar at the top of the Skype window and it will disappear into the dock, but I would rather have it in the background unless I am using Skype. I have looked in the preferences and have not found the setting.

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TurboTop is very simple to use and just does what it says. Click here to download TurboTop. You can create a clone by selecting a Window or by specifying an area from your screen.

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You can easily resize the window as per your requirement and tweak a few other settings as well. You can set the clone opacity and even lock its position on the screen. Click here to download OnTopReplica.

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Always On Top is a small little utility that lets you keep any window in the foreground. You just need to download the application, run it and press the hotkey. Always On Top does not feature any other imaging functionalities as such but still the tool makes it easier to keep windows on top. It makes the entire task a lot easier and faster.