Undo bank reconciliation in quickbooks mac

The list shows the reconciliation period date, and the date it was reconciled.

In Quicken for Macs, I finally figured out how to re-reconcile one month of one of my Bank Accounts. Actually, talked to Quicken to get the answer!! That will remove the check marks from the transactions you have high-lighted, so then you can re-reconcile.

QuickBooks Tip: Fixing Reconciliation Beginning Balance or Date

Katherine Correll Member. December edited December in. Dear Developers, it is extremely tedious to have to identify which transactions cleared in a specific month, let alone UN-reconcile them one at a time--please bring back "Undo Reconcile for Previous Month", please.

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I've been a user since the mid's. December edited December And then re-reconcile from that backup?

Solving Common QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Problems

Wouldn't that accomplish the same result? Lisa Barnes Member. March edited March I'm trying to fix someone else's mistake. They reconciled an entire year for tax purposes.

Best new feature in QB for Mac 2013

THEN they discovered an error no idea how. I need to "Undo Reconcile for Previous Month" 12 times. What Quicken product had undo reconcile feature. Quicken user since Q Currently using QW I thought it was right and did three months of reconciliation. Now I found that I made some errors that required deleting and reentering reconciled transactions.

When I did this, I found that I couldn't just undo my earlier reconciliations and redo them. I tried unchecking some of the items in the register, but that only made the problem worse. Now my beginning balances are all screwy and I can't even understand what it thinks it's doing.

Undo an entire reconciliation

The beginning balances still look right in the journal but nothing adds up. The manual and help files try to explain it by saying that if you delete reconciled transactions, they are excluded from the beginning balance, but I don't get it.

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Can't I just unreconcile everything and start over without having to start fresh with a new company? Yes, to unreconcile, just take the checkmarks off and you'll be back where you started. If you're only trying to undo the last month, get your bank statement and, very carefully, take the checkmarks off each item that you checked off in that reconcilement and you should be back to the month prior to that one.

Undo Bank Reconciliation

Thanks, I'll try that. It's a long process unchecking all of those checks because of the pop-up windows and so on, but it will be easier than re-entering everything. Originally posted by Taqu View Post. Originally posted by vikiparker View Post. Originally posted by kelaccounts View Post.

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  • How to do Bank reconciliation in QuickBooks Online? | !

Thanks Viki this worked for me.. The opening balance was wrong but I just put in the correct closing balance for the latest statement and it all equalled out. All contents copyright c by AccountingUsers Inc. All rights reserved.